Here's my Heavy 211 to a Slender 136 story...and I'm Thrilled!

Charlene here! Pleased to meet you, Congrats for taking charge of your new self. Bit about me: I'm 63 years old and been married for 43 years. I have 4 kids and 11 beautiful grandkids. And thank the powers that be, I recently found a way to look & feel like my 26 year old self again...

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I used to...
  • ​Energy all day long...!
  • ​Keep my slim body shape while enjoying student life of food and fun
  • ​Gym was not a thing in the 70's and 80's yet I was always in shape...​
  • ​​Eat what I liked—whenever I liked—without paying for it later...
  • Felt confident wearing my entire wardrobe which included form-fitting tops, bathing suits and summer dresses...

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40....What on earth happened?

Who would have thought that everything I ate on the night of my 40th birthday bash would still be sitting on my once thin & fit body now looked like "cushions" in all the wrong places and acted like a magnet for more!

It felt like my youthful, fast metabolism had decided it would jump ship, at the sight of 40, and into one of my teenagers.

My overall energy plummeted—and so did my health with every passing day.

Earlier bed routines had no impact on that "drag" feeling I felt during each day.

One night I took a sleeping tablet and slept for 13 HOURS, and I still felt tired!

My Health had dwindled and I still didn't understand how and why! 

UNTIL...my 35th Wedding anniversary arrived.

My husband surprised me with my dream trip to the Maldives.

Eager to look my best for our first night on the white beaches I went into the bathroom to freshen up, and there I saw it...

A shiny digital scale, we didn't have one for years in our house.

I Nervously placed a foot on it and it lit up instantly...my heart beat 100 miles an hour as I curiously placed my second foot on the brightly displayed scale. I will never forget that dreaded heavy heart beat I felt...

211?! No way! I looked over my shoulder in the hope that no one else just saw that number..It had to be wrong...surely?

With no observer looking over my shoulder I gingerly stepped on again. Uggh. That glowing, blue on black number wobbled my knees as it climbed back up to 211.

I looked up at the bathroom mirror, my heart pounded but felt heavy like after a fright, ashamed, how did this become me?

I realised I looked really pale, tired and... well... "chunky" in my face and everywhere else.

How did I let myself go like this? Was I still in there somewhere? I left with a broken heart.

The "scale episode" ruined my holiday as I obsessed over everything I ate and how I must look in my outfits on our trip. On the final night, as I slid into bed, and made a decision.

I WILL get the Old Me Back! 
No Matter What!

Not knowing where to start I walked, then I attempted all my old passions and school sports like swimming and softball. 

But I found out quickly that be it water or activities I thought were "easy" my body just couldn't handle all the weight I had gained.

So, I tried different diets like keto, fasting and no carbs to drop some weight so that I could exercise again but I missed the carbs!

It worked for the first week or two I'd drop a few digits at first then revert back to the same numbers but was always hungry! so I snacked which further lost my progress.

I even suffered through some weird home remedies a lady at my health food store guaranteed would work.

Like mixing beet juice, lemon and bicarb. (Spoiler: She was wrong and it tasted awful.)

Fast forward a few months and I was into calorie counting, I went gluten-free, and even became a vegan for a whole month. BUT, my weight didn't go in the direction I thought...it actually got worse! 

I considered it perhaps being biological or worse, "Is something wrong with me on the inside?"

So, I made an appointment with my doctor to get checked.

Guess What My Doctor Told Me? I was Shocked!

"Charlene, stop worrying..its not YOU, and No you are not sick.

He said my weight gain, and everyone else's, had absolutely ZERO to do with what I ate or how much I worked out.

Looking down the hallway as if checking if anyone in the area was listening...he whispered..

"Charlene, I've known you and Brian for decades and I wouldn't tell this to just anybody, but I recently discovered something that can help you."

"It's different, quite unusual, and it's backed by groundbreaking scientific research and no its not some "miracle" supplement or pill..." phew I thought to myself.

Dr. K told me about a 10-Second Juice Trick he learned about at a conference he attended a few weeks back.

Sceptical at first, he didn't believe it, but after seeing how people lost weight in their most stubborn areas in the days to follow when nothing else worked, he knew it was a real solution.

He said, "additionally there are 3 almost unbelievable benefits people experienced by using this method…

1. No need to change what you eat or your habits.
​2. Your metabolism returned so you could stay slim while enjoying your favourite snacks...
3. and It worked REALLY fast

And, it literally only takes a few seconds every day.

All the info is right here."

With that he handed me a piece of paper with a website on it.
I raced to my car to get home as soon as possible to check it out!

I got in my car and with too much excitement I just typed the link into my phone and watched it there in the doctor's parking lot.

The next hour flew by in a blur, and I was just AMAZED by everything I learned in the video.

It was not me and it was not my diet.....!

but....? Could something so simple and easy really change my body and life that fast?

I had questions in my mind, but my heart was pumping 100 miles an hour and was screaming "YES! This is the answer for you!"

Well, you know what I listened to - my Heart!

99% of People Have Never Even Heard Of This

Brian and I with our vitality back
Its been a few weeks of using the juice trick, and I'm SO excited to share the news!

Results showed right away, just like Dr. K said it would.

The numbers on my shiny new scale (yes I bought a new one) started falling from Day 2 and still going!

I needed new clothes after week two...and I enjoyed the shopping experience, not that anxiety filled dread of what will fit me.

I have to pinch myself every time I go shopping as I progress down the aisles into the smaller sizes and leave those "sack like" big sizes in the shadows. 

My husband noticed the change, too..If you know what I mean..😉.. Let's just say our relationship has a new spark!

Brian even decided to try this juice trick as well. Yep, it works for men, too!

Other things I've also noticed since I started doing it is...

​✅ My energy has SKY ROCKETED. At 63, I feel more like 30 again with a metabolism to boot!

​✅ I feel content after meals and don't feel the need to snack all day.

​✅, And I'm actually eating MORE of my favorite foods, like cakes and cookies, guilt FREE!

​✅ Blood sugar levels are back on track, even though I'm eating more sweet treats. Amazing!

​✅ My sleep is magical, oh its magical...I feel like I wake up on a cloud and so full of energy all day.

So Grateful I Followed My Heart, and Not My Doubts...

Wow, I could still be trying all the latest FAD diets and pills if I had listened to the doubts I had in my head that day! So glad my heart ruled on this juice trick my Doctor told me about.

The Real me is back, and I totally love who I am!

No more worrying about my health, now or in the future.

All because I took that time and watched the video to learn about this ancient metabolic trick. Who would've guessed?

Everyone is noticing, and everyone is asking so rather than a note with a website I just send them my story and the link below.

So the link below is to the same website where I learned about the drink from Dr. K.

That is... IF it's STILL there.

Typically, as Dr K mentioned the Pharma companies are not to happy with this juice so are trying to remove the info in the video link so act fast and click the link before they win again!

Use your heart and click the link right now to make sure you can learn about this juice trick for yourself.

All the Best and Good Luck on your Journey - Charz

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Chantelle L ·1h

I'm beaming with excitement because of this incredible juice! It has revitalized my energy, uplifted my mood, and the progress I've made in my weight loss journey is astonishing. I'm so grateful to have found this life-changing elixir!
👍35 💬 3 🔗 8

June L ·1h

Your weight loss juice remedy is a game-changer! It's not only effective but also delicious. Thank you for sharing this fantastic recipe
👍21 💬 4 🔗 1

Abbi J ·3h

Giving this a go...over a 1000 comments can't be wrong!
👍35 💬 3 🔗 8

Samantha D ·5h

Your story of transformation gives me hope and reminds me that change is possible. Your healthier, thinner look is a testament to your resilience and strength - I bought mine today I can't wait!
👍17 💬 3 🔗 2

Kelly W ·5h

My energy levels have skyrocketed, and I've noticed a significant boost in my mood. Plus, the scale is showing some exciting changes!
👍23 💬 13 🔗 2

Ben N ·9h

Thanks, Charz, and thank you, Brian - hoping these first 2 weeks results are a sign of what's to come!
👍43 💬 23 🔗 17

Marissa H ·1d

Gracious from the bottom of my heart! My scale is not yelling at me anymore and it's only been 3 weeks!  
👍27 💬 9 🔗 9

Marissa H ·1d

Merci, I am so happy for my family meeting in 2 months! 
👍11 💬 1 🔗 2

Francois L ·2d

It improved my golf game! It was a whole lot easier getting around 18 holes this week - Thank you Charz! 
👍72 💬 13 🔗 21

Debbie F ·3d

Absolutely fantastic! I have had it now for a few weeks and the results are amazing! I just had to come back and make a comment, More energy, so many comments, new dress size and motivates you to do more..like I'm running now! 
👍23 💬 15 🔗 14
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